Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well...Here's an Odd But Long Overdue Developement.

The veterinarian community, years ago, had made it illegal for anyone to practice horse dentistry without being under the supervision of a licensed vet. They categorized floating teeth as being surgery and had lobbied and succeeded in outlawing the practice of it being done by anyone but themselves. I continue to grow as a Christian. Simply the product of paying closer attention and giving greater respect to God's Word, as it's been revealed to us in the bible. Thankfully, I have finally given in to what I believe, and subsequently, will no longer be performing horse dentistry illegally outside of the supervision of a vet. But I don't think it is illegal to perform horse dentistry as a favor to a friend or aquaintance, outside of a professional capacity, at no cost to the horse owner. So until I find out differently, my mode of operations from this point forward will be different in the following way. I'll be asking that whoever would like the usual equine dentistry done on their animal by me to either bring their horse to a prearranged small animal clinic, where the service will be performed in the parking lot, with a vet nearby in a supervisory capacity, or if that is not possible, then I will gladly come to your place and do it for no charge, as time permits. I will make every effort to find the time. Considering it is very rare to find a equine veterinarian who is both adequately trained as well as trustworthy, with regards to equine dentistry, indeed, not possible in this area, I will gladly continue to take care of these horses as my schedule permits, doing so for no charge, and no donation, simply to get it done, and done within the law. Getting it done , even at no charge at all, is easier for me to do than to watch it be done poorly or not at all. It's an important service in the horse industry that the veterinary schools don't adequately prepare their equine veterinarian students for, or adequately teach it's importance to. Therefore, with only rare exceptions, you have equine vets largely without the knowledge, ability, or the desire, to see that quality equine mouth care gets provided. That's why I went into horse dentistry, and that's why it's not a big deal to continue to see that it gets done in the fashion I've just described. There will just be a lot less of it getting done by me because doing most things in my spare time interferes with my piano playing, which I can do all day long for free also. I can explain this a lot more in depth in some future article. I simply wanted to warn all concerned about the change in my procedure regarding my equine dentistry service.

This will not substantially effect my current dentistry clients.

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Anonymous said...

Todd, I recently had a vet do a floating on my 21 yr old mare. It was a traumatic experience for my horse and me. I understand that it will need to done again in another 2 yrs. I do not want to put us through that again! I found your article to be very enlightening. I wish you all the best! Judy

Todd Saunders said...

Glad the article helped Judy.