Saturday, January 26, 2008

Horse Dentistry: Athens Veterinary Clinic.


Athens Veterinary Clinic is one of the places I feel real good about mentioning to horse owners in need of sound equine dental service. They just do a real good job at everything equine and are a luxury to have in the area. The bad news is that they need a full days work to justify coming from Athens to the Rhinelander area or beyond. The good news, apart from them indeed being willing to come up here, is that it is just under an hour and a half from Rhinelander and a very good option for someone able to trailer their horse. And the incentive is that you get sound and thorough equine treatment.

So give them a call and get on their list. And spread the word around a little as well.

Athens Veterinary Clinc, 715-257-7003

Another good destination for horse dentistry would be Dr. Bob Nagel, Wittenberg WI, 715-253-2668.


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